It's not as simple as it seems to travel across the world. But using the techniques listed, you need not ride or walk more than 1,000 blocks. This guide is for players who wish to travel to conquest villages, not enter dungeons.

Finding TransportationEdit

First you want to select which village you wish to go to. You can see which villages are conquered by your race by clicking the compass, then clicking conquest villages, then looking at the color of the shirt representing the village.

If you are going to one of your own villages, you can simply walk there or take transportation (I'm not sure where it is yet) from your spawn. Ignore step 2, skip straight to step 3.

If you are going to the gummel mines, you should use the dock. To acess the docks, enter the horse to your left at spawn. Keep clicking the button inside until your current location is NH docks. From there, find your way to the right ship. See step 2 for more info.

In all other cases, it is best to use the airships. To get to the airships, walk left of spawn, past the horses, market, and bank. Once you reach the dungeon house, turn left and go down that path. Enter the airship. See step 2 for more info.

Riding TransportationEdit


This map details all the transportation. It is to be used in conjunction with the map at which shows the name of the villages.

See the map to the right for your reference. Open both that map and the map referred to in its captions in a new tab. Remember, you are at New Haven, and you have to figure out by cross-checking both maps which village is which, and which station is closest to it. If you want to travel 2 stations, simply click the button to the first station, turn around, and click the button to the next one.

Walking and riding a horseEdit

Now right-click your compass, and select the village you are heading for. From here on it's just a matter of walking toward the compass. Or, if you own a horse, or wish to buy one for $500, click here.

What to do at the villageEdit

There are 3 things you can do at a village:

1. Conquer it (which require standing near it with a group of two or more players from your race for approximately 6 minutes)

2. Loot chests (which may be risky if you are conquesting it and someone comes to defend it; although I have seen no one come to defend a village as of yet).

3. Mining (after you conquest the village, you can mine in the quarry for high-grade minerals)

All of these can be noticed by other players, and they may come to kill you, though usually only if you are conquesting it.