The Ruins of Old Haven is one of the first dungeons one should attempt upon joining the server. It is of Coal difficulty, and features excessive leatherclad zombies and skeletons, as well as minor parkour challenges.


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The Ruins of Old Haven are what remain after having such a bustling and thriving economy in the town Haven, during the Bronze Age. Due to colossal weather, what was left of Haven washed out and left the ruins that are left today. To recooperate after such a loss, New Haven was erected over the top of the ruins to symbolize the cleansing of a new era. There is one known entrance to the catacombs of Old Haven, and it is rumored to be riddled with traps and monsters. The ancestors of the Chosen Few who founded Haven tell tale of there being quite a treasure at the heart of the catacombs. Many brave townsfolk have stumbled inside, but very few are able to say they've reached the end. Some even say they hear the echoes of the Chosen Few deep inside the caverns...