Nuz-Rock is one of the three racial Conquest villages belonging to the Dwarves of Karraul. It is located southwest of Karraul itself.


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Nuz-Rock was founded in the Silver Age by Aryan Stoutbeard, right-hand man of the king of Karraul of the Silver Age, Brion Thornbrew. It was a small village, consisting of a general store and three houses. The villagers, persistent to expand their humble abodes, continued spreading the word of this village. "Enough!" shouted Aryan, displeased with the sudden attention. "This town was meant for us only!" His followers, frightened, hid in the unfinished buildings, scared of what punishment they may have brought down upon them. Aryan showed mercy, however, and they continued to live in their secluded, private ways. And as the buildings were finished, the town complete, modernized Dwarves started to take residence in the new Nuz-Rock. To this day, the locals say that echoes of Aryan's shouts are heard throughout the inside of the local quarry, striking morale into the Dwarves and fear into their enemies.