New Haven is the central town in Block Empires. Players will find themselves spending most of their time, if not a member of a town, in this town. It has many things for players to visit, including:

Dungeon HouseEdit

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Dungeon House

The Dungeon House is a building in New Haven that includes teleports to most of the dungeons in Block Empires. It also includes information of these dungeons, such as difficulty, backstory and lead builders.


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The Bank is where you can sell Gold Ingots to receive 100 Silver per ingot. There are also Ender Chests downstairs where players can store important items.



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Underneath New Haven is a player-owned marketplace, where players can purchase shop plots to market off their items of interest to wealthy players.

New Haven AirshipEdit

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The Airship here is one of the main means of travel across the RP World. It can take you across most of the map. 

New Haven DocksEdit

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Similar to the Airship, this is also a means of travel across RP World.

New Haven ArenaEdit

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New Haven Arena

Players can challenge their friend or foes to a battle or two here, where the heat is as high as the stakes! There's also a parkour for those daring enough to scale the heights in the midst of a battle.