Kamien is one of the three racial Conquest villages belonging to the Dwarves of Karraul. It is located northeast of Karraul.


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Kamien was discovered as ruins of a lost settlement that branched off of what was the founding of the original Dwarven Empire under the rule of Chief Sagewind, leader of the Chosen Few that founded Karraul. Not many know information of these ruins, but few archaeologists are led to believe this was an old Orcish settlement, created long before the age of the Dwarves. It is said in Dwarven textbooks that this settlement was used as a scouting outpost against Sagewind. Upon stumbling across such an ancient find, it has been refurbished and recreated into what is seen today. It holds high sentimental value to the ancestors of those who have discovered its existence as a reminder of how the Orcs failed in their many attempts to thwart the rulings of Sagewind.