Conquest Villages are small towns in the Role Playing World around each race's capital. For each of the four races, there are three nearby villages assosiacted with that race. Within these villages are quarries, shops, and lootable chests.

But conquest villages are really meant for conquesting. Conquesting involes players of the same race capturing conquest villages that their race doesn't already own. With at least two people of the same race in one of these villages, they will capture the village and claim it as their own after a certain amount of time. To find out more about conquesting, visit the Conquest page.




Approximate Location
Heron Point Human

X: 332

Y: 1256

Brokan Farms Human

X: 1513

Y: 387

Gummel Mines Human

X: 1763

Y: -803

Obec Mountain Orc

X: 1698

Y: -3283



X: 3422

Y: -4427

Sazar Orc

X: 1339

Y: -4696

Kamien Dwarf

X: -471

Y: -3878

Arek Cliff Dwarf

X: -1783

Y: -3984

Nuz Rock Dwarf

X: -1868

Y: -3033

Kethwyn Elf

X: -3359

Y: 422

Illual Valley Elf

X: -2095

Y: 54

Eilrann Elf

X: -1967

Y: 1243

  • Kamien
  • Sazar
  • Obec Mountain
  • Heron Point
  • Gummel Mines
  • Heron Point
  • Illual Valley
  • Kethwynn
  • Akral
  • Eilrann
  • Arek Cliff
  • Nuz-rock