Conquesting or Racial PvP is an battle between the race. The object of conquesting is to capture conquest villages. Conquest villages are towns throughout the RP world that can be captured by at least two or more players of the same race. For every race, there are three villages near the race's capital, meaning there are twelve capturable conquest villages.

How to Capture a Conquest VillageEdit

It doesn't take much to capture a conquest village. When at least two players of the same race go to a village that is conquestable (owned by another race or neutral, as you cannot capture a village that is already yours), they will have to wait 180 seconds to start an uprising (turn the village neutral if it isn't already). Once the village is neutral, any race with at least two or more people can capture the village just by being in the village for 180 seconds.

Easier said than done. Once you have started and uprising, a global message will notify all players of what is being conquested. That being said, members of the other races can come and take the village you are coqnuesting, defend the village that you are conquesting, or attack the village that you are coqnuesting. PvP is not only allowed, but encouraged, as this is a RP server. Feel free to kill and loot your opponents while conquesting.

NB: You cannot capture a village if you have either the same number of players as an other race in the village or less of a number of players even if you have at least two people.

Conquesting CommandsEdit


This is the only conquest command that players have access to. With this command, the player will see the list of conquest villages and the race that owns it (if any, as it could be neutral). With each village, it also will show you the number of players currently in that village, but will not tell you the race of that player.

Conquesting RewardsEdit

Once you have successfully captured a village, fireworks will go off around you notifying everyone near you that you have captured the village. Each person who helped to conquest the village will receive 200 silver. In addition to this, for every village that you maintain control over, you will receive 5 silver every hour.


What you will see in chat every hour when you have captured some villages.