Block Empires is a Online Multiplayer Adventure Server, where you are left in a world to explore all on your own. With all the exciting features we have added, we are sure to appeal to some form of your gameplay, whether that be Building, Player VS Player Combat, Exploration, or Player VS Monster Combat. Click a link, and explore the world that we have to offer!


  • Races - Go here to learn about the races and advantages!
  • Heroes - Go here to learn about the classes and abilities!
  • Cities - Go here for info about what cities have to offer!
  • Towny - Go here for any information you need on Towny Commands!
  • Loot and Crafts - Go here if you want to find a specific piece of loot, or to learn a custom crafting recipe!
  • Staff List - Go here to see the list of Staff on the Block Empires server!
  • Honorable Mentions - Players that have done the server proud in their time on Block Empires.
  • Rules - Rules of the server, forums, and Wiki.