Arek Cliff is one of the three racial Conquest villages belonging to the Dwarves of Karraul. It is located to the direct west of Karraul.


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Arek Cliff was originally an unnamed cliffside village inhabited by an ancient tribe of barbarians in the Silver Age. Upon sight of such rabblerousers, a band of Dwarves raided and took over the cliff. For what seemed like ages, the band stood ground against wave after wave of barbarian scum trying to take back what was once theirs. Suddenly, it all stopped. To this day, not a single person is aware of what caused the halt in banditry upon Arek Cliff. Regardless of the mysterious happening, after fixing up the village, and turning it into a bustling center of trade for the Dwarves of Karraul, it is well known as a gemstone on the face of the lands of Block Empires today.